Hello Pitch Wars! Thanks for stopping by!

This is my first Pitch Wars, and so far, I love it. The community here is so friendly and helpful!

I write Adult Fantasy in all realms, urban or high, whether it’s about dragons, ghosts, witches or whatever.

The novel I’m entering is DIVINE SINS, an epic fantasy for anyone who likes dragons, heroes, and a dash of romance.

Some things about me, and random thoughts in no particular order:

I live on Martha’s Vineyard with my husband and our two little girls.

I have a BA in Graphic Design. I’m also an amateur gardener who mostly just ends up weeding while dreaming of all the pretty flowers while the baby tries to eat grass.

When I look out the window I still hope to spot a magical creature.

Baby giggles are the best kind.

I hoard art-supplies that I may actually use someday.

Cloaks should make a fashion comeback.

I wish I were a dragon. Preferably a gold one. Or blue. My four-year-old wants to be a lava dragon. Our treasure stash would be full of LEGOs and dinosaurs for me to step on, but would not hurt because of my impenetrable scales.

I wear Halloween socks at Christmas and vice-versa, always accidentally. Sometimes, they even match!

I love hundred hour D&D sessions… and miss them now that I have kids.


Some of my favorite books:

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede
A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sara J. Maas
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Tithe: A Modern Fairy Tale by Holly Black
The Reforged Trilogy by Erica Lindquist and Aron Christensen
Wicked Lovely by Marissa Mar


About my writing:

I’m a firm believer in happy endings, even if I like to torture my characters along the way.

There’s snark. Lots of snark.

Slow-burn romances, swashbuckling heroes, dragons, magic, ghosts, kick-ass heroines, and more dragons.



An epic fantasy full of swords and sorcery, and people who just want to do the right thing, even if it kills them.

A warlock casts an impossible spell.

A young girl usurps the power of the gods.

The heavens scheme.